Hello everyone! My name is Jason R. and I have been in the kitchen and bath industry for almost 20 years. I have to say one of the complaints I have heard time and time again from prospective clients is: “Why does the countertop for my bathroom (or small project) cost so much?” Well: the answer is simple economics. I cannot purchase a $2000 slab of material to sell you a fraction of it at a fraction of the price in the hopes that I will sell the rest.

Fabricators have been trying to sell their remnant countertops from previous projects for years with frustration and failure.

You the designer/homeowner had to drive all over town, wasting tons of time, money and energy. Or lately some of the more tech savvy granite yards have been posting their own remnants on their own site. That leaves the same problem of having to go to their site, find their remnant, call and ask how much, maybe drive over and maybe strike a deal.

ENTER The Remnant Resource: I have created a centrally located site that brings together all the remnants from all over makes them easily searchable, your able to see the price up front and there are no hidden tricks.